GreenSoil invests in R&D

R&D is a main part of our company strategy. GreenSoil continues to invest in this to constantly explore the possibilities of bio-based remediation approaches for emerging contaminants and to find solutions for complex site conditions. 

Thanks to the increasing requests of lab scale feasibility tests, we have expanded our R&D team to provide a better service to our clients. In addition, we also invested in equipment. We can now perform qPCR analyses ourselves with a mobile qPCR device to monitor the progress of biodegradation during a remediation project.

To date, we are able to treat soil and groundwater contaminated with a wide range of contaminants besides the more common contaminants such as MTBE, Cr6+, vanadium, DNT, THF, 1,4 dioxane, MIBK/MEK, etc.

The power of natural remediation processes never ceases to amaze us. 

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