09 Jun 2017

Greensoil in the media

A short interview with Greensoil as a start-up company. (Dutch interview)

22 Feb 2017

Greensoil Group celebrates its first anniversary

An exceptional year and an exceptional team effort! Many more to come!

16 Dec 2016

We present you Greensoil

In the past, we’ve been professionally involved which is the reason why I personally want to introduce Greensoil Group. Greensoil was founded in March 2016 by myself and a group of Belgian industrial investors.  I’m very proud to be …

22 Jun 2016

Greensoil gains contract for a multinational in Switzerland.

Greensoil gains contract for a CrVI remediation for a multinational in Switzerland.Greensoil closes a contract with a multinational for the clean-up of a Chrome (CrVI) groundwater contamination in Switzerland. After completion of additional pre-remedial …

29 Mar 2016

Greensoil N.V. is founded

Greensoil N.V. is founded.

21 Mar 2016

Greensoil is awarded a contract by a Belgian multinational

Greensoil is appointed by a Belgian multinational to conduct a large scale xylene remediation.A Belgian multinational grants a first contractual part to Greensoil including pre-remedial investigation and preparatory works for the full scale remediation …