New project wins

In focus: full scale source and plume remediation project in Herentals, Belgium.

Greensoil acquired a full scale remediation project in Herentals, Belgium for a multinational client in the oil and gas sector. A large scale BTEX and MTBE contamination is treated by SVE with groundwater extraction for the source remediation and a P&T measure for the plume. Greensoil was awarded the contract based on its alternative biological groundwater treatment which was evaluated to be more cost effective and sustainable compared to a conventional approach. A total of 100m³/h of heavily impacted BTEX and MTBE groundwater will be biologically treated during an estimated time frame of 1-2 years. Installation is already ongoing and start of the remediation is planned beginning Q4 2017.

In focus: feasibility study for LNAPL removal and biodegradation of a phthalate impacted site in Londerzeel, Belgium.

Greensoil was asked to conduct feasibility and pilot tests for a site impacted with phthalates in Londerzeel, Belgium. A floating layer to 1m of thickness is present resulting in high soil and groundwater contamination. Given the specific physicochemical characteristics of the phthalates present at the site and the limited knowledge, Greensoil proposed to further assess the feasibility of remediation techniques. The feasibility and pilot study focusses on the key parameters of a performant LNAPL extraction system and the potential of in situ bioremediation after LNAPL removal. Meanwhile, initial results of the feasibility study and pilot tests show a positive outcome on both aspects allowing Greensoil to design a full scale remediation concept and translate this into a contract proposal that assures the client to meet its remedial responsibilities. 

In focus: Greensoil steps into the Dutch remediation market

In cooperation with Stepforward BV (Rotterdam) and BodemManagement BV , Greensoil International BV has been awarded its first remedial contract in The Netherlands. The remedial works are part of the redevelopment of the former Water Tower in Zwijndrecht. After redevelopment, this remarkable building will be an eyecatcher of the whole neighborhood. At the site, soils are impacted with heavy metals, which will be remediated by Greensoil and its partners, after which the site becomes available for future use. We’re particularly satisfied with this first remediation project in The Netherlands and look forward to the many that will follow as we intend.