Integrated engineering of bioremediation and windmill construction

GreenSoil Group is currently working on a full-scale project on a former telecommunication site. At the site two source zones contaminated with TCA (200,000 µg/l) and PCE (100,000 µg/l) are present up to a depth of 21 m-bgl.

The geology is characterized by glauconitic (iron) fine sands with low buffering capacity. The remediation approach consists of a source zone excavation, using sheet pile walls up to 8 m-bgl, followed by an anaerobic biological in-situ remediation.

A challenging aspect of the project is that on top of one of the source zones a power windmill was to be constructed. Foundation and ground piles of the windmill were constructed on top and in between of the groundwater recirculation system designed by GreenSoil. Please check out a movie about the excavation and in-site installation works of this project.