Installation of in-situ remediation system in a highly sensitive production area

In July GreenSoil started the implementation works of the 3rd and last phase of a large remediation project in the southwestern part of Belgium. At this site 3 contaminated source zones are present, two source zones are successfully being remediated since several years and are close to meet the remediation objectives. The off site migration of the groundwater contamination is controlled by an anaerobic biobarrier. Now GreenSoil started the works on the last and most complex source zone.

The entire zone is located underneath an active production building. The production process area demands a dust and vibration free environment.
GreenSoil presented a working method allowing for installation of in-situ remediation system complying with the strict requirements. Inside the building the working zone was shielded, by installation of a containment system consisting of strong double plastic temporary walls, in combination with an active ventilation system to apply an under pressure. In this way the production process area was safeguarded, and the installation works did not lead to any disruption of the production.
The concrete floor was cut in small blocks and removed piece by piece. Drilling of all remediation wells until 10 m-gl was done using a special small drilling rig from the company Geobohr from Germany. The external power supply of the drilling rig could be placed outside of the building providing remotely the power to the drill rig. In this way the exhaust fumes were not emitted in the inside air and the noise inside the building was limited.
The remediation consists of a first phase using Multiphase Extraction until about 4 m-gl, and stimulation of the anaerobic biological degradation in the soil layer until 10 m-gl. In the second phase the multiphase extraction system will be used to stimulate the anaerobic biological degradation.

Check out the pictures below.