Horizontal wells installation to control a large groundwater plum

GreenSoil successfully planned and installed 3 HORIZONTAL WELLS each of 140 meters long, to control a large groundwater plume of a site in Belgium.

Both the source and the plume are located underneath an active production area.

The source is treated with a combination of Multi Phase Extraction and enhanced anaerobic bioremediation until 5 and 10 m-bgl respectively.

The plume will be treated by stimulated anaerobic biodegradation, for this 3 horizontal wells are installed at 7, 8 and 9 m-bgl, each consisting of 3 different screened sections. These drains can be used for extraction as well as infiltration of our electron donor Dehalo-GS.

During the drilling works the stability inside the building was constantly monitored extensively.

At this site GreenSoil worked together with Welvreugd Drilling BV for the drilling works and Ramboll.