Year 2016-2017. Beginning of remediation projects in BE and SP

 The GreenSoil’s journey started 2016.In this year we started two remediation projects in Belgium and Spain. 


A brownfield site was highly impacted with cVOC. An unsuccessful P&T system was operated for many years. Greensoil combined excavation and an underground in-situ enhanced anaerobic bioremediation to allow the construction of a new business center to be opened in 2021. The contract is a risk-based contract including defined milestones. After about 5 years of active remediation, Greensoil has reached main milestones which allow to close down the remediation for a major part of the contaminated area.


GreenSoil is carrying out an active remediation in a harbor of the south of Spain, to stimulate the anaerobic biotransformation of PCE (120 mg/l) and CF (350 mg/l). The remediation approach implemented is a synergetic strategy which consists in a groundwater circulation system supported by molecular analysis and use of surfactants. The results prove the complete reductive dechlorination regardless of the high concentration levels of chloroform and brackish/saline conditions of the groundwater. After 2 years, the active remediation system at the outer border of the source area could be switched off. The surfactant tests demonstrated the enhanced DNAPL mobilization as it is further applied in the ongoing remediation of the source area.