19 jun 2020

5-year Frame contract with Q8

GreenSoil is delighted to announce that it has signed a new 5-year contract with Q8 for in situ remediation works in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a continuation of collaboration between Q8 and GreenSoil. To date, GreenSoil has being working on …

29 mei 2020

GreenSoil and Ramboll successfully unlocked redevelopment of a cVOC impacted land in Mechelen, Belgium

Due to historical manufacturing activities, soil and groundwater at a brownfield site in Mechelen were highly impacted with chlorinated volatile organic compounds. An unsuccessful P&T system was operated for many years. Greensoil and Ramboll joined …

07 mei 2020

Rapid simultaneous biotransformation of perchloroethylene and chloroform at high groundwater concentrations

Anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated solvents is a state-of-the-art technology. However, treatment of mixtures of chlorinated solvents at high concentrations is still a challenge. GreenSoil is carrying out an active remediation in the harbour of …

05 feb 2020

Van Lumpsum tot Overname Saneringsplicht : GreenSoil zoekt de win-win

Lumpsum contracten, leveren van resultaats-garanties, het overnemen van de volledige aansprakelijkheid van een bodemverontreiniging, of elke mogelijke contractvorm hier tussenin. GreenSoil innoveert binnen bodemsaneringen niet enkel op technisch vlak, …

13 jan 2020

Remediation day 2020

GreenSoil is sponsoring the Remediation Day 2020, held on the 6th of February in Eindhoven. Check the website for more information and tickets:

19 nov 2019

Starting of in-situ remediation system in a highly sensitive production area

GreenSoil started the remediation system on a site in Belgium where the source area is located underneath an active and highly sensitive production area.   This is the 3rd phase of a large remediation project. Installation works started in July …