Aisch - full scale BTEX soil and groundwater remediation

Aisch (Namur) concerns the remediation of a deep (>11 mbgl) BTEX contamination in the unsaturated zone at a large high way petrol station. Significant residual contamination is still present after shallow excavation and horizontals SVE was conducted in the past. After succesfull pilot testing, a vertical SVE system and innovative biological air abatement system was designed by Greensoil to effectively treat the 12T of residual contamination.


Location Aisch, Belgium
Client Kuwait Petroleum
Duration Q1 2017 - Q1 2020
Contract Time and expenses
Contamination Mineral oils and BTEX 
Techniques Pump and treat; soil vapor extraction

ATEX blower unit (500m³/hr)

Biological air abatement system (compost filter)

GAC filtration (polishing step)

Biological groundwater treatment system (10m³/h)

In numbers

Project value > 500.000 €
Soil volume  


in soil  

in water  

Max. conc. Objective Status
> 4.000 mg/kg BTEX, TPH 0,2 - 0,7 mg/kg BTEX ongoing
10.000 µg/l 10-50 µg/l (VS/VR) ongoing
Number of wells

46 soil vapor extraction wells

6 deepwells

Used techniques

In-situ: soil vapour extraction &  pump and treat

Treatment system: biological groundwater treatment & biological air abatement

Contamination: BTEX and mineral oils & MTBE