Ghent - full scale NAPL containment remediation

At a oil and gas depot in Ghent, LNAPL migration is being stopped at the site boundary by an active NAPL containment system (DynaskimTM). Containment is necessary due to limited access by the presence of large storage tanks. Therefore, remediation is focussed on mitigation of NAPL migration and risk control.


Location Ghent, Belgium
Client Confidential
Duration Q2 2016 - Open
Contract Time and expenses
Contamination Mineral Oils + BTEX 
Techniques NAPL  containment, dynaskimTM system

Biological groundwater treatment system

Conventional groundwater treatment system: oil-water separator, oil storage tank, sand filter, WAC and GAC filtration

In numbers

Project value > 25.000 € (annual)
Soil volume N/A
Water volume N/A


in soil  

in water  

NAPL (2500m3) Remedial target value Status
containment N/A N/A
containment 500 µg/l ongoing
Number of wells

8 - 10 dynaskimming wells

Used techniques

In-situ: (D/L)NAPL removal & pump and treat

Treatment system: biological groundwater treatment

Contamination: BTEX & mineral oils