Herentals - full scale BTEX and MTBE groundwater remediation

A residual soil and groundwater contamination is present at (former) petrol station in Herentals. At the site soil and the smearing zone were remediated in the past by excavation.

However, significant residual product is still present down gradient of the excavated area especially in the smearing zone. In addition a 300m long BTEX and MTBE plume is migrating further off site.

The source is being treated by SVE combined with high yield groundwater extraction for lowering the groundwater table. The plume is being treated by a combination of biosparging and P&T. A large scale biological groundwater treatment system of 100m³/h is constructed and operated at the site.


Location Herentals, Belgium
Client Confidential
Duration Q3 2017 - Q4 2017
Contract Time and expenses
Contamination BTEX and MTBE
Techniques Soil vapor extraction, P&T and biosparging

Biological groundwater treatment system (100m³/h) (5 bioreactors)

Conventional groundwater treatment system  - polishing (stripping tower, sand filtration, WAC filtration)

Soil vapour treatment system based on GAC filtration

In numbers

Project value > 7.000 €

250m length

2m thickness


in soil (BTEX)  

in water (MTBE)  

Max. conc. Remedial target value Status
> 1.300 mg/kg 14,5 mg/kg ongoing
120.000 µg/l 300 µg/l ongoing
Number of wells

12 soil vapor extraction wells

20 biosparging wells

15 extraction wells

Used techniques

In-situ: aerobic biodegradation, air-/biosparging, pump and treat & soil vapour extraction

Treatment system: conventional air abatement, biological groundwater treatment & conventional groundwater treatment

Contamination: BTEX and mineral oils & MTBE