Mons - full scale BTEX soil and groundwater remediation

Mons is one of many Greensoils projects at petrol station sites. A combined SVE and P&T system is operated to treat residual BTEX and TPH contamination in saturated soil and groundwater. The residual contamination is mainly present at the site border and underneath the public road.


Location Mons, Belgium
Client Kuwait Petroleum
Duration Q4 2016 - Q4 2016
Contract Time and expenses
Contamination Mineral oils and BTEX 
Techniques Soil vapor extraction; pump and treat

Biological groundwater treatment system (5m³/h)

Soil vapour treatment system based on GAC filtration

In numbers

Project value > 150.000 €
Soil volume N/A


in soil  

in water  

Max. conc. Remedial target value Status
700 mg/kg BTEX 0,2 - 0,7 mg/kg BTEX ongoing
> 75.000 µg/l BTEX 10 - 50 µg/l (VS/VR) ongoing
Number of wells

12 SVE wells and 12 gw extraction wells

Used techniques

In-situ: aerobic biodegradation, soil vapour extraction & pump and treat

Treatment system: conventional air abatement & biological groundwater treatment

Contamination: BTEX & mineral oils