Ronse - full scale remediation of chlorinated solvents

Greensoil was ordered to conduct the full scale remediation of 3 hot spot areas of a cVOC impacted site in Ronse, Belgium. Remediation of soils in Area A and C has been completed by excavation.

Full scale groundwater remediation of of Area A and C is ongoing by enhanced anaerobic biodegradation. Area B is located inside a high technological 'clean room' building and therefore difficult to access. Additional preremedial investigation in Area B is conducted in preparation of a full scale remediation concept.

Meanwhile further off iste migration in Area B is being prevented by an anaerobic bioscreen.


Location Ronse, Belgium
Client Confidential
Duration Q1 2017 - Q1 2020
Contract Time and expenses
Contamination cVOC
Techniques Excavation, bioscreen and in situ anaerobic bioremediation

Anaerobic groundwater recirculation unit (3 units)

DehaloGS dosing units

In numbers

Project value > 500.000 €
Soil volume 2 ha







mg/kg Remedial target value µg/l Remedial target value Status
1.000 17,5 mg/kg  110.000  1.500 µg/l ongoing
11.000 5,0 mg/kg  170.000  1.400 µg/l ongoing
150 16,5 mg/kg  240.000  8.000 µg/l ongoing
10 0,1 mg/kg  12.000  1.000 µg/l ongoing
Number of wells

> 125 injection, extraction and monitoring wells

Used techniques

Soil treatment: excavation & ex situ soil treatment

In-situ: anaerobic biodegradation & bioscreen

Treatment system: anaerobic groundwater recirculation units

Contamination: cVOC