St. Ursanne - Cr6+ in situ biological remediation in

Greensoils first project in Switserland is located in St. Ursanne on a Cr6+ contaminated site. This project is started in Q4 by additional pre-remedial investigation in order to finetune the remedial concept based on excavation and/ or immobilization of Cr6+ to Cr3+ by in situ anaerobic  bioremediation. remedial works are planned to start in 2018.


Location St. Ursanne, Switzerland
Client Confidential (multinational)
Duration Q4 2017 - Q4 2019
Contract Time and expenses
Contamination Cr6+
Techniques Excavation or immobilization by in situ anaerobic bioremediation

Anaerobic groundwater recirculation unit

DehaloGS dosing system

In numbers

Project value > 400.000 €
Soil volume Excavation


in soil  

in water  

Max. conc. Remedial target value Status
2.000 µg/l (leaching)   start 2018
160 µg/l 20 µg/l start 2018
Number of wells

75 injection and extraction wells

100 biosparging wells

Used techniques

Soil treatment: excavation & ex situ soil treatment

In-situ: anaerobic biodegradation & immobilization

Treatment system: conventional groundwater treatment

Contamination: PAHs and heavy metals