GreenSoil and Ramboll successfully unlocked redevelopment of a cVOC impacted land in Mechelen, Belgium

Due to historical manufacturing activities, soil and groundwater at a brownfield site in Mechelen were highly impacted with chlorinated volatile organic compounds. An unsuccessful P&T system was operated for many years.

Greensoil and Ramboll joined forces by conducting in depth pre-remedial investigation and engineering an alternative remediation system by combining excavation and in-situ enhanced bioremediation.

To meet demands of the client and to allow a fast turnaround and redevelopment of the site, GreenSoil implemented an underground design of the system to allow the construction of a new business centre, without impacting the ongoing in-situ remediation.

The remedial contract concerns the full-scale remediation to enable by achieving the risk-based target values. The contract is a risk-based contract including defined milestones.

After 2.5 years of active remediation, Greensoil has reached main milestones which allow to close down the remediation for the major part of the contaminated area. Intensified O&M of small remaining spots is expected to finish the project within the anticipated time frame of 5 years.

Meanwhile, the business centre is being constructed to be opened in 2020.

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