End of on-site soil remediation and in-situ groundwater remediation update of a large-scale xylene contaminated site

After completing the remediation works of 25.000 m3 of soil with biopiles, GreenSoil completed within 1 year also the groundwater remediation under the streets and the buildings of an industrial site in Belgium.

The site was contaminated with 83ton of xylene (27,850 mg/kg in soil and 89,000 µg/l in groundwater) until 10 m-bgl.

We are now running the last phase of the project which consists in an in-situ biosparging system with 70-99% decrease of concentration levels.

As a consequence of the biopile treatment, the topsoil is still biologically active. This provides an exceptional, and cost-effective, air treatment solution for the part of BTEX that is stripped due to biosparging. Therefore, there are no emission of contaminated air to the atmosphere.

End of the project is expected to be by the end of 2020.

Stay tuned for coming updates from the GreenSoil team.