Year 2017-2018. Large scale BTEX and MTBE contamination and a 98% bioremediation of a Xylene contaminated site

In 2017 several projects were started, but two main interesting once were the large scale BTEX and MTBE contamination and a Xylene remediation where 98% of the contamination was degraded biologically.


large scale BTEX and MTBE contamination was treated by SVE with groundwater extraction for the source remediation and a Biosparging and P&T for the 400-meter-long plume. Greensoil was awarded the contract based on its alternative biological groundwater treatment which was evaluated to be more cost effective and sustainable compared to a conventional approach. A total of 100m³/h of heavily impacted BTEX and MTBE groundwater was biologically treated during an estimated time frame of 1 year.


After completing the remediation works of 25.000 m3 of soil with biopiles, GreenSoil completed within 1 year also the groundwater remediation under the streets and the buildings of an industrial site.

The site was contaminated with 83 ton of xylene (27,850 mg/kg in soil and 89,000 µg/l in groundwater) until 10 m-bgl.

We are now running the last phase of the project which consists of an in-situ biosparging system with 70-99% decrease of concentration levels. As a consequence of the biopile treatment, the topsoil is still biologically active. This provides an exceptional, and cost-effective, air treatment solution for the part of BTEX that is stripped due to biosparging. Therefore, there are no emission of contaminated air to the atmosphere.