Year 2019 – 2020. Greensoil took over the liability in BE and began the first project in South Africa

 In our 4th year we took over the liability of a large cVOC contamination in Belgium, and we enabled the installation of a windmill in combination with our remediation system. In 2019 we also began our first project in South Africa.


GreenSoil Group is started a full-scale project on a former telecommunication site. At the site two source zones contaminated with TCA (200,000 µg/l) and PCE (100,000 µg/l) were present up to a depth of 21 m-bgl. We excavated the source zone using sheet pile walls up to 8 m-bgl, and we then installed an anaerobic biological in-situ remediation (integrated with the foundation of a windmill).

A decreasing trend of the contamination products is ongoing, and the active phase of the remediation will be completed in this year.


Pilot tests were implemented in  a manufacture agricultural chemical company to test the efficiency of thermal hydrolysis, in combination with chemical oxidation, for the treatment of chlorobenzenes and to test stabilization of arsenic with iron sulphate.

The system was operated from March 2019 until February 2020 and it showed decreasing concentration levels which were then monitored in the consecutive months. Injections of iron sulfate led to a significant decrease of arsenic contamination levels within 1 year, showing only a very limited rebound.