Year 2020 – 2021. Full-scale project in Brazil and remediation of chlorinated solvents and Cr6+in the Netherlands

Last pitstop of our journey through the 5 years of GreenSoil in which we positioned ourselves as one of the main contractors specialized in bioremediation.  We close this anniversary talking about two of our last projects in Brazil and in The Netherlands.


A full-scale project was implemented in a operational manufacturer of automotive industry components contaminated with chlorinated compounds in groundwater. Two main sources/plumes have been identified. Anaerobic biological degradation is stimulated by a groundwater recirculation system by installing about 80 wells until a depth of 13 m-bgl. Dehalo-GS, the GreenSoil electron donor will be dosed and recirculated with the groundwater in the source areas, whereas periodical injections via system wells will be performed in lower contaminated areas. The control units needed for the remediation are designed by GreenSoil and constructed locally in Brazil. 


Despite the extra measures related to the COVID-19 crisis, GreenSoil completed the remediation works at a site in The Netherlands contaminated with chlorinated solvents and Cr6+ in groundwater and heavy metals and cyanide in soil.
The implementation consisted of demolition works, including asbestos removal, excavation of contaminated soil and stimulation of enhanced anaerobic degradation by direct push injections of our electron donor, Dehalo-GS. In addition, a soil flushing plan was implemented to treat the Cr6+ contamination.

Monitoring events, following the flushing of contaminated soil and injection of electron-donor (Dehalo-GS), showed that Cr (VI) and total Cr concentrations were rapidly and strongly reduced (>90%) within 5 months.