We are very proud to announce that the year 2021 marks the 5th anniversary of the GreenSoil Group. During this coming year we are looking forward to celebrating this with you in various ways, which of course will be limited due to the current situation.

GreenSoil was officially founded in February 2016 by Mireille, me and some business partners. Since the start of GreenSoil we were joined by many highly experienced staff (>15 years of experience), but also by quite some young enthusiastic team members, bringing in the needed young eagerness. GreenSoil would not have been where we are now without this mixture of junior and senior teams’ members and the intense contribution of our entire Team. In depth analyses of the projects, creativetailormade solutions combined with offering contractual / financial assurances (e.g., remediation lease construction, fixed price, taking over liability) to clients, allowed GreenSoil to evolve in a relatively short time, to an international bioremediation-specialist. We currently run over 20 projects in over 10 countries, from Belgium, The Netherlands to Spain, France, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil, and Chile.

Besides our team, GreenSoil has been able to rely on several partners to conduct our projects in the quality we are looking for, since the start of GreenSoil. We would like to thank them for their cooperation and trust in us and we are looking forward to work closely together for many years to come.

Noteworthy is the confidence showed by our clients, many of which are repeating customers, and we are grateful for the trust we are given by those clients.  Through several of these clients we have been able to grow internationally and follow the needs of our clients. Being a lean and flexible company, we never shied away, nor will we in the future, to provide our services in other countries.

As we work to advance our remediation solutions for complex site conditions, we remain committed to invest in R&D. We constantly embrace and explore the possibilities of sustainable biological based remediation approaches for emerging contaminants to enlarge our service portfolio. The power of Natural Remediation Processes never ceases to amaze us. Thanks to this, GreenSoil is now able to treat soil and groundwater contaminated with a wide range of contaminants besides the more common contaminants (e.g., MTBE, chloroform, polyol, chlorobenzenes, 1,4 dioxane, etc.).


Thank you for being part of our journey of the past 5 years and we are looking forward to many more years of providing our services!

Martin Slooijer - Mireille Tits

Managing Director - Finance Director



Greensoil Group

GreenSoil offers clients sustainable and cost effective solutions for soil & groundwater impacted sites. Our team of experienced engineers designs and realizes soil remediation projects especially in complex site conditions.

Our specialties

GreenSoil is an international player in soil remediation and is specialized in in-situ and on-site soil remediation techniques which are continuously being improved by a strong focus on R&D and innovation.

In our integral approach and total remedial concepts, a combination of techniques is often implemented mostly with a central role for stimulation and optimization of naturally occurring biodegradation processes.


As a general contractor, Greensoil manages the remedial contract as well technically as financially, in close collaboration with strategic partners for the implementation and completion of the remediation. In this way, Greensoil is able to identify and implement the best solution for a contaminated site and to deliver the required result on the long term in a sustainable way.

Given the complexity of soil remediation issues, the best solution differs from site to site and depends on the client’s need for which Greensoil always aims to offer a customized solution.

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19 Jul 2021

GreenSoil invests in R&D

R&D is a main part of our company strategy. GreenSoil continues to invest in this to constantly explore the possibilities of bio-based remediation approaches for emerging contaminants and to find solutions for complex site conditions.  Thanks …