Conference Madrid on innovation and sustainability in the remediaton of contaminated soils

April 2024

Greensoil and Partners were excited to be hosting the very first: Conference on innovation and sustainability in theremediaton of contaminated soils held this year in Madrid (Spain) on the 23rd of February 2024.

The event had the ambition to establish an open platform for industry leaders in the Iberia area to collaborate and share their knowledge with all stakeholders.🌱In recent years, the field of soil and groundwater remediation has experienced remarkable advances thanks to the joint efforts of national and international organisations. As we face the challenges of environmental sustainability and the need for responsible resource management, it has become imperative for industry leaders to cooperate and share insights.

TheRemediation Day was supported by a group of 7 leading companies in the sectorand and provided a platform for technical presentations and discussions among participants.

AECOM , EHS Techniques, TÜV SÜD iberia (servicio medio ambiental), Talantia, Intrinsyx Environmental and Geostream Ibérica