Greensoil offers a variety of contract types to fit the needs of the client or specific situations

GreenSoil Contracting

Like the technical approach for a remediation, the contractual agreement needs to be a tailored made solution. GreenSoil offers different types of contracts, to give the client assurances in different degrees. The main different contract types are:

Time & Expense based ContractTime and expense based contracts are a type of agreement where the client compensates the contractor for actual hours worked, incurred expenses or works conducted at agreed unit rates, rather than a fixed price. In this model the risk remains with the client, but offers flexibility to the client. This type does require thorough tracking and reporting of time and costs.

Belgium: Biologic aerobic degradation of MTBE, BTEX, TPH, MCB, THF and DCPD at a chemical site in Belgium. From pilot to a full scale functional aerobic biobarrier.
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Maximum Authorised ContractMaximum authorized contracts establish a spending limit for a project. The works will be charged to the client on progress but cannot exceed the maximum amount. The difference between the realized works and the maximum authorized amount, will be split between client and GreenSoil in an agreed ratio. This approach provides cost control (maximum amount) while allowing for flexibility within set boundaries.

Londerzeel: Full-scale remediation of phthalate contamination in soil and groundwater
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Fixed Price ContractA fixed price contract stipulate a set price for a defined project or service, regardless of actual costs incurred. The project or service is defined based upon the available information and boundaries defined. This type of agreement offers budget predictability but may limit flexibility for changes.

Westerlo: Large scale on-site and in-situ bioremediation of xylene contaminated soil, soil vapor and groundwater
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Liability Take Over Liability take over contracts involve one party assuming responsibility for another's liabilities (e.g. the defined soil/groundwater contamination), in legal and financial matters. GreenSoil will take over the liability for the remediation of the contamination as defined in the remedial action plan.

Ronse: Full-Scale Remediation of cVOC Contamination a Manufacturer Site
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